About My Shop

I started my shop back in 2017 with a dream of turning my hobby and creativity into a business. Since then I have seen hundreds of products enjoyed by so many. If you'd
like to see customer photos and reviews click the button below to see
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About My Stream

I started streaming on Twitch
June of 2020 looking to make friends and start a fun positive community that is welcoming to everyone where we can game together and talk about things like music, anime, books, comics...basically anything and everything! Since then I have built a community we call the Pumpkin Patch full of the most amazing, supportive, fun, and positive people that I feel so blessed to be a part of. Click the button below to give my Twitch a follow and say hello!

Stream Schedule:

Monday 6pm pst- Art, casual cozy gaming & Just Chatting streams

Wednesday 6pm pst- Variety Gaming

Thursday 6pm pst- Community Online Gaming

Sunday 12pm noon pst- Pokemon Gaming & Card Unboxings

My Twitch